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Monday, 15 May 2006
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Not Just Cell Phones... Speaker Phones Too
Instapundit has another interesting take on the NSA phone number database:

YES, THE NSA NUMBER-TRACKING PROGRAM isn't really "eavesdropping" on calls. But as reader Liz Mauran notes, the misleading press coverage probably doesn't matter: "It seems to me, judging from the number of people in airports, restaurants, and other public venues talking on their cell phones, that it's just fine to have a non-private telephone conversation."

There is something to that. And we're not just talking about people on their cell phones either. Right now I'm listening to my cube neighbor on his speakerphone with a tech support group in another state, even though he's the only one here on the phone call. Even when they don't use speaker phone, I still get to listen to people talk about paying their mortgages, being condescending to their wives, and using baby talk to speak with their children... or the wives, sometimes it's hard to tell.

Remember... phone conversations carry over the cube walls! Unfortunately for me, I forgot my MP3 player in my car today.
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