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Friday, 12 May 2006
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The Problem With Women Is...
Part of a new conceptual series entitled "Being Controversial Gets You Noticed".

I fully realize that this post will probably get me in trouble with the fairer sex. But like many men, I still choose to say things I know will get me in trouble. Every now and then I read a post by someone, and instead of feeling the need to respond directly to it, it brings up all sorts of related thoughts that are worthy of something more in depth. Ann Althouse had a post that did that to me. She talks about this piece in the WSJ Editorial Page, and talks about "going after pro-sex feminists again". I'm not going to talk about pro-sex feminists or anti-sex feminists here... that's not the point of the post.

Instead, I'll just finish the opening sentence. The problem with women is that they try to get all other women to agree with them. I think women, much more than men, are wrapped up in identity politics. This is probably the single most unfortunate thing to happen to "women's rights", or whatever you want to call it. Women are much more apt to attack other women for holding the "wrong view".

It's not that men don't do the same thing to other men... of course we do (see war). The difference is that men rarely are under the delusion that all men should act and think the same way. We may try to kill or dismember those who disagree with us, but at least we respect them for their opinion while we stand over their bloody and mangled corpse.
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