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Tuesday, 26 April 2011
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Oh Daughter - What Does It Look Like That Man Is Doing?

This news story appeared in WauwatosaNOW today, and hopefully doesn't reflect the intelligence of the rest of the city where I live:

A 63-year-old Wauwatosa man was arrested for lewd behavior after he was recorded repeatedly fondling himself while looking out his window last week.
A female neighbor was paying bills about 3 p.m. April 19 when she looked out her window and noticed her neighbor in the 2600 block of North 66th Street standing in front of his window naked.

She thought it was a fluke and that he didn't realize he could be seen, but he started touching himself. He returned to the window twice more and continued masturbating.

After consulting her daughter to make sure her eyes weren't deceiving her, the woman called her Block Watch captain for advice. He brought a video camera to the woman's home. The neighbor returned to the window for a fourth time and was recorded for 12 minutes.

First of all... how old was her daughter?! Hopefully she was over 18, otherwise the mother just willingly exposed an underage girl to some pretty lewd behavior. Secondly... well... as if this needs to be said... but really. Doing that in front of your window... in your own neighborhood? Really? Finally... I don't know, but videotaping the whole thing, while I understand the desire to remove the "he said - she said" element out of the equation, is just... weird.

Though really, the whole thing is just weird... which is why I shared it with all of you.

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