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Thursday, May 13, 2010
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There's No Avoiding the Horrors of this SWAT Raid

I've blogged about how unnecessarily violent and confrontation SWAT tactics are, and how they are overused considerably in our nation many times. But the reality is, especially among ardent drug warriors, that SWAT is not only necessary, but somehow can't be nearly as bad as people think. The problem is due partially from the tacit compliance by local news media to not cover the brutality of these raids, or the consequences of them. Most local news media has to keep cozy with the police, otherwise they wouldn't get half their news stories. The other problem is that its hard for people to really imagine what goes on during one of these raids. Not anymore.

Below is a YouTube video of an actual SWAT raid in Missouri. Here is the original story that followed the raid. There are some interesting things to note about this raid. First of all, the police only found enough pot to charge the man with a misdemeanor. The second thing is that both the victim's dogs were shot, and one died. This is actually quite common. From the number of stories I have read, I believe it is standard operating procedure for SWAT teams to shoot any dogs they encounter on sight. One of the dogs shot in this case was a Corgi (not exactly an aggressive dog).

The more brazen thing being done by prosecutors here is to charge one of the men arrested with "child endangerment" because he had marijuana in the house. Just to be clear, the police think that having a small amount of marijuana around a 7 year old is child endangerment, but that breaking into a home with automatic weapons, and shooting two dogs right in front of that child is not child endangerment. That simply boggles the mind.

Watch the video, and understand the horror that takes place in our nation more than 100 times daily. Is this the sort of thing we should be doing in the United States?

Via The Agitator.

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