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Thursday, 05 July 2007
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Democracy Does Not Mean Life By Committee

What is Democracy?  We all have the basic notion that it means "government by the people"... but what does that really mean?  We all vote on who is in charge, with each person getting a vote.  Yeah... we get that.  But then what are "they" in charge of?  Does Democracy mean that those who are placed "in charge" get to run our lives?  Do we have to just shut up and accept it simply because "they" were democratically elected?

How do we stand up and say... NO!  You don't get to decide how I plan for my retirement years.  You don't get to decide how I care for my health.  You don't get to decide how my children are raised.  Those are all private matters... and you have no right to decide those things by committee.  They don't affect you, and so you should have no say in those choices.

But of course, "they" are not only democratically elected... but "they" are also the ones who have the big guns... literally.  And as soon as you say no, "they" can come and throw you in jail, or worse.  The tyranny of the majority will always trample on the rights of free thinking men, and kill the ones that resist.  That is the power of Democracy.

Remember that now that you've celebrated your "Independence".

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