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Monday, 16 April 2007
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Now Is The Time To Morn

The worst part about this massacre in Virginia is the horrendous death toll obviously.  The next worst part is how everyone is already running around trying to use it for political gain, or try to make some kind of point.

Some people are trying to take advantage to push gun control.  Others are using it to push for the opposite.  Some people were speculating on the killers ethnicity as if that had anything to do with this.  It makes me sick.

There is no point to made here.  There is nothing to take advantage of.  More than 30 people died senselessly, and that is all that happened.  Period.  Now is time to morn.  Now is the time to grieve.  Most of all, now is the time for the rest of you to shut up and respect the dead and their families.

That is all.

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