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Monday, July 24, 2006
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Lazy RINO Sightings

I had a hard weekend of training... first doing 35 miles of biking on Saturday, and then 10K running on Sunday... so I'm going to take the lazy RINO approach with this week's RINO Sightings. I'm not one for being all creative anyway, inventing poems and songs and such to go around a carnival. I'm a firm believer in getting people to leave my blog to read the carnival submissions and hopefully come back for more... so with that said... we're just going to head right into the latest edition of RINO Sightings.

Dan from Searchlight Crusade has written his thoughts on the most recent actions in the Middle East, and counters the argument some have made that Israel's retaliation has been out of proportion with Hezbollah's actions. The only thing that Israel did wrong was wait this long as far as I'm concerned.

The Jawa Report explains why his blog was banned in India, and points out a disturbing pattern about the types of websites that they continued to let through.

The Commisar has a few comments on the recent news report about scientists reconstructing Neanderthal DNA. Maybe these reconstructed Neanderthals will be the tour guides at Jurassic Park.

The Armies of Liberation points out some news that I had not heard, that the Palestinians are calling for invoking a mutual defense pact, and sending people to fight in Lebanon. Are they going to provide the explosive vests at the border?

Techography is discussing the Virginia case where a judge is deciding what's best for a teenager with cancer, against both the child's and parent's wishes. Let's see... you give birth to them, you pay for everything they have, you're held responsible if something goes wrong... but you can't make important decisions about their health. Makes sense to me.

The Ex-Donkey Blog is discussing the news that Joe Lieberman has lost his Joe-Mentum and is falling behind in the polls for re-election. I can almost see if he loses... Joe and John McCain riding on the Straight Talk Express with Joe-Mentum as the fuel. Gas is mighty expensive these days after all.

Politechnical is providing lessons in how to tell the difference between someone who is against war in general, versus someone who is simply on the other side. And that's some damn useful information to have right there.

The Original Blog recently gave an interview to The Register regarding net neutrality. If this sort of thing interests you, and it should interest anyone who uses the Internet, then you should check it out.

Don Surber is discussing the future of foreign language lessons in schools... and thinks that Arabic will overtake Spanish as the most popular... or at least that's how some would like to see it.

Barry Campbell of enrvanche has an open letter to George Bush regarding his choice for bills to veto. I'll admit... whether you think it was a good veto or a bad one... it shouldn't have been his first. He should have been vetoing stuff for a long time before this.

Classical Values has been deconstructing Capital Blues website fiasco... and has created a handy dandy little chart to help explain everything. Very funny.

Below the Beltway is commenting on the futility of trying to pass the Protection of Marriage Amendment... given that there are more pressing issues at hand. Don't you know it's an election year? Gotta stir up your base somehow.

Mark from Decision '08 is pulling apart the news regarding layoffs at the NY Times. The Times is in a hard position after all. People on the right hate them, and so do half the left who want to save the environment and keep them from killing trees.

legal redux tries to explain the legal complexities of so called "illegal" music downloading compared to music uploading. I'm no lawyer... but it's an interesting idea. I'm not sure I'd use it in court if I had to fight the RIAA though.

Fearless Philosophy For Free Minds is asking why we should be going through any effort to pull Americans out of Lebanon. I don't think we had any choice other than to go in there and pull them out... but I wouldn't mind sending them a bill myself.

Evolution has a look into a nationwide Pew survey of bloggers, discussing why they got into blogging, and what they blog about.

And finally, in a belated entry we have Right Thought's long story of being saved by Bruce Dickenson. It's a long one... but very good.

That's all for this week. To find out more about the Raging RINOs Community, check out the informational page on TTLB.

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