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Tuesday, 23 May 2006
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Grab. Twist. Pull.

And then cringe:

A Philadelphia man is recovering from an attack, allegedly at the hands of his wife. The assault on his private parts has become public knowledge. In an interview with Action News after his release from, the 52-year-old victim spoke of his terrifying ordeal.

The 52-year-old Tioga-Nicetown man, who we are identifying only by his first name of Howard, arrived home late Wednesday, hours after his wife allegedly tore off two parts of his genitalia with her bare hands. Surgeons at Einstein successfully managed to repair the damage.
Via Enter At Your Own Risk.  Remember when I was complaining about my bike seat a while ago?  Never mind.  If a rough seat is the worst my boys ever have to go through, then I'll be downright thankful.
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