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Wednesday, June 23, 2004
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Everyone Needs a Fallback
At least John Kerry has something to do when he loses the Presidential Election... he can be a nursery school teacher:

Teresa insists hubby "likes people"

"He likes people, in spite of whatever people might think. He'd make the best nursery school teacher in the world, bar none."

Heinz Kerry also called her husband "magical with children," adding, "That's a new revelation to me."
"He will never, ever, ever send any children, or men - as he was with young men in Vietnam - into harm's way without being the first one to go out on the boat," she said.

Addressing terrorism, she said, "We're not going to fight terrorism with missiles, we're going to fight terrorism with ideas. And I think that John knows that, deep down."

I'm sure the Secret Service won't have a problem with him carrying an M16 off into Iraq... either that or we'll just completely pull out as she eludes to in the last paragraph. So is Mrs. Heinz Kerry making policy now? Is this the official stand on Iraq and the War on Terror from the John Kerry Campaign? She's really not clear on that. He knows it deep down apparently... but maybe just not in his head yet. I know... this revelation will come the minute he's sworn into office. At that point he'll say "Haza! No More Missiles! We're pulling completely out! My wife kept telling me this, but I didn't realize it until just now."

Meanwhile... Chrenkoff has Part IV of the Iraq Good News Roundup. Didn't know there was any did you?
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